Sustainability in the Art World

Sustainable art originated in the 60s and derived from the concept of dematerialisation. Dematerialisation is an art form that uses physical manifestations to emphasise an idea or concept with less prominence on the actual material used. Put simply, the message portrayed by this form of art is more important than the physical artwork itself. 

Fast forward a few decades, sustainable art enjoyed a second resurgence around the time of the end of the Cold War as a new awareness of ecological and social problems surfaced. 

Today, sustainable art is again going mainstream as we begin to experience first-hand climate catastrophes brought upon by decades of accumulated environmental pollution. 

It is out of this dust that we start to see champions of sustainability, individuals who dedicate their efforts to finding more eco-friendly alternatives.

As you may know, Etched Stone Paper offers paper made from recycled stone instead of trees. Etched’s mission is to offer the best eco-friendly mediums available to help lower the art world’s collective ecological footprint while maintaining and even elevating the artist experience. 

People all over the world are trying their hand at more sustainable mediums. One individual that we believe deserves recognition for their efforts to find and use environmentally-friendly art tools is Lou, also known as bohemianraspberryart on Instagram. Currently, with a following of just below 5,000 individuals, Lou demonstrates how she uses her own hand-made art materials to create beautiful works of art.

So far, Lou seems to have had significant success in guiding people to create in an eco-conscious manner. Lou’s Etsy account, #bohemianraspberryart, has had over 3,500 sales. She sells a wonderful array of art tool alternatives including vegan inks, bionic paints, plant-based crayons, bamboo pens and pencils, vegan cork sketchbooks, and more. Lou does an excellent job of offering a wide range of excellent art medium substitutes.

Lou is one of the thousands of online personalities leading the trend of sustainability within the art industry. The alarm bells for the planet crisis have been ringing for a while and will only grow louder with time. Lou’s practice of helping people make environmentally-conscious changes within their mediums without sacrificing the quality of their art is one of our deepest values, and we cannot wait to see what she does next. 

Do you create eco-friendly art? Or do you know someone that does? If so, let us know, we would love to bring more attention to people that create art with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly practices! Send us a DM on Instagram!

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