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About Our Products

Etched Stone Paper is 80-90% crushed stone (calcium carbonate) and 10-20% non-toxic, (non-virgin) resin which is used to bind the stone particles. The end product is very similar to traditional wood-pulp paper, however, it’s waterproof, smoother, brighter, and more durable than traditional paper. Etched Stone Paper is ISO 14001:2004 certified, alongside ROHS, REACH, and FDA. Most importantly, our stone paper has the C2C environment certificate.
Stone paper is just like regular paper, only better. Unlike regular paper, stone paper is waterproof, tear-resistant, and has no ink bleed-through. It's brighter, smoother, and more environmentally responsible than regular paper. No trees, no water, no bleach, no acids, and no toxic chemicals are used to make stone paper. Regular pulp paper requires 18 large trees per ton of paper produced and an immense amount of energy (85% more than stone paper). Recycling regular pulp paper is also limited to a number of cycles, meaning it can only be recycled so many times before fresh paper pulp must be added.
Do you know that the pulp and paper industry is the third-largest industrial polluter of air, water, and land in the United States? Studies show that it releases well over 100 million kg of toxic pollution each year. Worldwide, this industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy, accounting for four percent of all the world’s energy use. Etched Stone Paper is produced using 80%-90% calcium carbonate, one of the world’s most abundant substances. Producing just one tonne of traditional wood pulp paper requires around 18 tall trees and 2770 litres of water. Traditional paper can only be recycled up to 7 times and requires additional virgin fibres each time it is recycled. Natural forests are often cut and burned to plant non-indigenous, fast-growing trees. Stone paper produces no waste—in production or in the end product—and can be recycled indefinitely, making it the smarter paper choice.
Etched Stone Paper is committed to the highest standards for our stone paper products. This commitment rings true throughout all aspects, not just the design. That's why we continually monitor the full life cycle of our products (not just the manufacturing process) and have earned these certifications.
Yes. Our stone paper products can be recycled just like regular paper, through the paper or plastic recycling streams. While it is not a plastic, burning stone paper reduces it back to its original form of calcium carbonate (chalk powder) which in turn can be used as a filler in future recycled products. No harmful gasses are released when burning stone paper. Recycling regular paper perpetuates the wood pulp paper cycle because no paper products can be made from 100% recycled material. Don’t be fooled, virgin pulp is always needed. If Etched stone paper is recycled with category 2, 100% can be repurposed into a different product. In addition, it’s safely broken down by nature as it is photodegradable and will be completely gone in 9 to 12 months if left in nature, without the exhaustion of any harmful gases.
No, calcium carbonate is one of the world's most abundant resources, and we gather it from waste quarries and waste from the construction industry.
Nope! We tried and tested pencils and pens with no issue. In fact, since the stone paper absorbs less ink than regular paper, it looks cleaner and has zero bleed-through. Our recommended pen is a good ol' fashioned ballpoint. They may seem like a boring choice but you'll understand why once you feel the glide of a ballpoint on our paper. We have found that some fountain pens/gel pens may take longer to dry than ballpoints. However, you may need to alter your grip, angle, or how hard you press down.
It depends which pen you use - alcohol-based pens are waterproof, so if you spill, your writing will be fine! Water-based pens can be washed off with water and would not be waterproof if you spilled on them.
Yes and yes, of course. You’ll find that since there are no fibers in stone paper, pencil marks erase much easier and unlike some low-quality papers, you can’t erase a hole into it. Be careful not to sharpen too much though, the pencil may grab onto the paper like piercing with a needle. We recommend a thickness of 0.7 or greater.
Yes! We have tested gouache, oil paint, and acrylic paint, and they all work very well. The colours are even more vibrant, and it feels extremely smooth to paint on. In regards to watercolour, it also works but it takes some patience and experimentation - some artists have compared watercolour on stone paper to oil paint on regular paper because you can paint in layers.
Different Mediums
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Ballpoints and frixion pens will be absolutely fine! Gel pens work well too, but some can take longer to dry. Be wary of fountain pens and felt tips. Depending on the construction of the tip, you may need to alter your grip, angle, or how hard you press down. Since the paper has no grain direction, writing on the paper with the same force will be unnecessary.
Etched Stone paper is much more difficult to tear and will generally stretch before it tears.
Let us know if it happens because we’ve tried and (luckily) no paper cuts yet!
Yes. Etched Stone paper folds just like regular paper, so go ahead and fly that paper plane.
Our paper is waterproof, which prevents it from absorbing water. Whether or not you can use Etched underwater is a matter of your pen and not our paper. If you find a pen that writes while underwater, recommend it to us! We’d love to hear about it.
All sorts of words have been used to describe stone paper. Creamy, velvety, silky—are we talking about paper or chocolate? All we can say is that it will be the smoothest paper you’ve ever touched, a suave writing experience if there was ever such a thing.

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